Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

In the progression of registering and using the services offered by our website you are required to enter your contact details including your name, contact number/numbers, email address, residential or business address.


Gati Care is so it is essential for you to inform us about your initial and final places, cities, localities, or towns of relocation. The Information provided by you (BOTH PERSONAL AND GENERAL) will be handled by us for three major purposes:

  • Ensuring the legitimacy of your Quotation/Request.
  • Examining your Quotation/Request.
  • Introducing the user (YOU) to the Third Party ().

Your information can also be used or handled in the case of a judicial (law or court) compulsion.

The use or handling of your information is strictly limited to the aforementioned purposes ONLY. Any other use of your information is forbidden and prohibited. The information will not be used or disclosed on any commercial or public platform or be handled for business related purposes.

The submission of your personal and general information to Gati Care assumes your approval to the operation of the information for the purposes mentioned in i, ii, iii, and for the special judicial circumstance.

Gati Care works dedicatedly in the interest of protecting the details extended by you as a Client of Gati Care and also as a general Web-User. We restrain from selling, marketing, commercializing, or publicizing your information. However, you will receive phone calls, SMS, messages, or emails from the short-listed .

Gati Care has ensured all the practical safety measures such as technological, physical, and electronic measures to safeguard the purity and originality of the information shared by the user

Fake information and attempts to misguide the website are taken as the violation of the terms and conditions of Gati Care which may result in legal actions against the imposters.